Sunday, August 28, 2011

Polenta Party...take 2.

A few weeks ago I had one of my besties visit from Kansas.
Having seen the original Polenta Party published on this blog (Oh yeah! I got followers woop woop!), she was excited to be a part of another. Here are some of our creations and some great ideas for party food. The next person to visit and request a Polenta Party will get the honor of deviating from the pre-made packages of polenta (which are still delicious and very convenient) and graduating with me to a baked home made dish.

Obviously not all these versions are hypo/Swank friendly, but the best part of a Polenta Party is allowing people to make versions that they like and can enjoy.

Polenta cream cheese, ham and dill pickle
Polenta, ham, dill pickle, pepper jack and spicy mustard

Polenta, cream cheese, chicken and jalepeno

Polenta, cream cheese, bacon and cheddar

Polenta, chicken, pepperoni, cheddar, pizza sauce, parmesan

Polenta, chicken, mango salsa and jalepeno

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