Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting back on track

I talked to you the awhile back about falling off the wagon, and moving forward again... It's ok if you don't remember. The point here is that we are moving on.
Moving forward.
Always f'ing moving.

Truthfully I stare at where I need to (and want to) be and it is daunting. But, because I've been here before I've learned a few things. The survivalist in me, or maybe the compulsive planner, has set a few steps in place to get back on track.
There are several phases.
Do not move on to a new phase unless all requirements have been met for at least one week. Are you listening to me?? ONE WEEK!

My body doesn't handle stress well and it certainly doesn't deal with sudden changes gracefully. My theory is that jumping into hot water make's me more likely to jump out. But if I ease in... if I let that leg acclimate before forcing another one to succumb to the heat, I'll stay longer. I'll actually find that the hot water is comforting and amazing... Ahhhh dang it. Now I wanna go sit in the hot tub.

{ Btw, I should note that this doesn't work for everyone. Some of you masochistic folks enjoy that horrendous torture. I don't get it... but that's just me. }

{ Phase 1 }

  • Dramatically increase water intake.
    Women should be getting 9 cups a day or 72 ounces. When I start Phase 1, I increase that amount to 100. There is a 25 ounce water jug on my desk and I drink at least 3 of those during my 9 hour work day. I always drink 2 cups of water immediately when I wake up in the morning, and I have another 2 while at home. Knowing that I need to drink that amount as a minimum helps me feel full and flush toxins I've accumulated during recent misbehavior. 
  • Eat by the clock
    I hate having to remember snacks. Once upon a time I enjoyed taking the 5 minute break to go eat. Now my time is crunched and it is inconvenient to take breaks.. yes... it's inconvenient to take care of myself. This is by far the hardest thing for me to do, but it is the most rewarding. So I have a timer app on my phone and when it goes off I eat, and I reset it for 2 hours later. The nagging reminder alerts everyone in ear shot that I need food. For those of you with iPhones the app is called Nag. I hate it and I love it. 
{ Phase 2 }
  • Correct food group intakes
    Veggies and fruits are
    not the default grabs when I am stressed. Phase 2 is all about making sure the amounts are following the diabetic guidelines. That's it. Phase 2 focuses on getting the right intake in addition to mastering the components of Phase 1.Wrap your head around what you should be eating and when you should be eating it, portion sizes will be fixed later.
{ Phase 3}
  • Workouts
    It's really easy to dive into fixing all problems at once. Working out is phase 3 for me because if I haven't been eating right, I will not have the blood sugar stability to survive a workout.  Those of you with hypoglycemia have been there...midway up the hill with the shakes and a toddler in a stroller and a dog while the world around you begins to blur. It's terrifying.
    Please, get your BS under control before working out, and PLEASE travel with glucose tabs or a  kid-sized boxes of apple juice when working out.
    Once you have adapted to the 3x a week workouts, (yes three, and get that heart rate up there people) then you can move on to the final phase.
{Phase 4}
  •  Calorie Counting
    Many people jump to this immediately when put on the Diabetic Exchange Diet. I've done it a few times and it goes something like this: I cut back to the 1200 calories my doctor wants me on, but then my body is completely unwilling to work. I'm tired and cranky and lord help that person who brings treats into the office. I'll let them have it. But, changing eating and moving habits first, before cutting back on the amounts makes a world of difference for me.
    For the most part your calorie intake should go down by mastering the other phases, but this final phase is where you tie it all together. I recommend using a calorie tracking app (and there are many to choose from) to record the things you eat. 
  • Re-write Food Porn
    There are a million places online to find deliciously dirty pictures of food. I could stare for hours at the amazing butter-laden concoctions and dream about making them. I'll dream so hard I can practically taste them.. then one day I talk myself into making it. Pinterest is a great way for me to avoid the porn. I pin delicious recipes I've made, or plan to make or plan to makeover. Knowing that those are the options helps me avoid the bad for me pictures. It also means that I have something to look at when I need healthy inspiration.
I hope these steps help you plan a little better and stay on track. More than anything I hope it helps alleviate the guilt you may feel from going off  the wagon. We all fall, but the stubborn ones find ways to get back on track.
{Hugs} & best wishes,

The Hypo Chic

PS: I'd love to hear your "back on the wagon" tricks. Feel free to share your tips below.

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    1. I love you, and you're so right. I miss Wednesday Night Walkers! We both need to get back on track and I hope that we can share good, healthy ideas. Thank you so much for posting again, we missed you! And just so you know, you've got people in your corner. :)


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