Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Feel Defeated

Some days I feel like I'm really failing at this thing.
Group setting are still very difficult.
Weekends are near impossible.
I'm an emotional eater, and there have been some significant struggles in my life lately.
My knee hurts like mad and makes me reluctant to workout.
And do you know how much it rains here is Western Washington?! A friend of mine claims that running in the rain gives you super powers but I haven't noticed any heroic new abilities.

After all that dieting and exercising, and all those struggles, I have only lost about 10 pounds. Now even as I write this I understand that 10 pounds is a significant amount. I just hoped it would be higher. Through all the sweat and tears I'm wondering when the loss on the scale will equal the loss I feel in my freedom.
Maybe it won't.
Maybe it's just a bad day, but I'm ready for the hard work to show.
I time... it will get better with time.
Honestly, it has become easier with time, I just pray it continues.

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