Saturday, March 26, 2011

I just want really good waffles

Modifying Recipes for the Hypoglycemic
It seems like it should be an easy thing to do... remove oil and sugar, use whole grain flour instead...substitute egg whites if possible. A recent attempt at waffles was proof that it isn't that easy. Oh, they were bad, very dense and they had that overwhelming healthy taste. (You know the one... where it has the strong flavor of cardboard, grass or dirt. No one should eat those things.)

The problem is that I love waffles, and I look forward to them all week. I couldn't give up on finding a better version. I made it about a month without any waffles at all, before I caved and had the classic white delicious kind. I understand that they aren't good for me, but they sure hit the spot.
After that first amazing bite I knew I needed to find a way to enjoy waffles, without the guilt, without the crash.

I was determined to find a homemade recipe that was light, fluffy, and 100% whole grain. Then on a quick lunch trip to my local Grocery Outlet Bargain Market I stumbled upon an Oatmeal Pancake Mix from Quaker Oats. It wasn't hard to take that $1.99 price tag as a sign. After all, if a company can package and sell this mix, it can't be that bad... right?

Right! It's good, and very filling. Other than the weird sensation of eating a bowl of oatmeal that is shaped like a waffle, it made me very happy. The texture part still confuses my mouth, but it'll get past that. The best part is that there was no crash and I was full well past my regular feeding time. I have enough left of the batter for at least 3 more waffles, so I plan to make and freeze them for use during the week. I'd love to top off a piece of the waffle with peanut butter and some strawberries as I run off to work. 

Anyway, for now I've put off modifying the waffle recipe. I'd still like to find or create a 100% sugar free version, but until then I'm counting this as a step in the right direction.

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