Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Epic Plan

I turned 29 this month. It's my last year in my 30s and like many people at this mile marker, I'm feeling as though I let myself down. In the days following my party I had a great conversation with a friend about who we used to be and how awesome those people were.
Then one day on my long drive home from work I devised a multi-part plan on how to make this next year a truly epic one.  I pieced it together here and as you start thinking about your plans for the new year I hope this inspires you to create your own plan for an Epic Year.

Part A:
Live like it’s 2001 all over again.
I will remember 18 year old me and how epic she was. That person is still inside me. She was able to do everything and be everywhere and kick ass the whole while. The 18 year old me knew that the world was within her grasp. She was afraid but refused to show it. She had doubts but never doubted her ability to do anything she set her mind to. When she lacked self confidence she found a way to restore it.
She has worked hard all her life and juggled multiple jobs at a time alongside high school and college. The 18 year old me never would have let one of those responsibilities be done in a half-assed way.

18 year old me had drive and determination that nobody could take away.

18 year old me wouldn’t let anyone slow her down.

18 year old me kicked ass.

Part B:
Appreciate Scars
Falling hurts, and I will not discount that pain. I will however learn to appreciate the scars, the lessons and the knowledge that came from the fall. I will approach each imperfection on my skin and on my heart as though they are trophies.

I survived THAT!

My failures are not to be hidden.

I had the opportunity to fall flat on my face and I was able to get up.

I moved on.

I am stronger and wiser because of these scars.

Part C:
Be a healthier me.
I am not a cactus. I cannot sit in the blazing sun all day. I will seek emotional shade from friends, family and
those who can help. I will not let myself burn and fade away to nothing.
I will eat food that nourishes both my body and my soul. I will share these foods with others and encourage them to be better.
I will move. Everyday I will appreciate my ability to move.
If I can run I will run.
If I feel like leaping I will leap.
And on the days where I can barely move one foot in front of the other I will...

I will because I can.

Part D:
I will live with a thankful heart.
I will not let anger and jealousy take root. I will appreciate every smile and every tear. Everyday I am alive is a reason to be thankful and I will not go another day without appreciating those days.

Every breath.

Every moment.

Every thing.

May this next year be an epic year for you as well.
Happy New Year everyone!!

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  1. That's the best plan I've heard so far. I'm still developing mine, but it includes therapy to heal the wounds I'm hiding behind fat. You have my love and support for sure!


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