Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ain't no party like a Hypo girl's party

I love to entertain and make delicious goodness so we frequently have parties where I can show off and create happy bellies. Back in the beginning of December we put this BBQ on the calendars and everyone was excited...the problem was how soon it came after the unexpected diagnosis.
I spent most of the week in a deep depression. I'd make frequent trips to the bathroom to hide the tears that came without warning. I sat in my car crying and desperately searching the internet for recipes I could make people that I would also be able to enjoy. For those of you that don't know, the diet is very particular with amounts and types to be eaten, and the limitations have been frustrating.
Here is a sample dinner I made earlier in the week:
3 oz. skinless baked chicken
1 cup steamed broccoli
One small sweet potato, chopped and baked with olive oil and garlic
1 small apple

It was good, it was healthy but it is not exactly party food. Despite that, I decided to make something similar.
My husband planned to make a brisket and he started smoking it at 8 in the morning.  I prepped the sweet potatoes and.... well that was it. Normally party prep includes hours of dicing, stuffing, blending, baking, frosting and the works, but there was nothing else this time. My dear friend offered to bring Ratatouille, and I had fruit juice to drink while I kicked their butts at 10,000.

With people set to arrive at 6 I made sure to adjust my eating times accordingly and followed the rules all day.
At 5:30 the sweet potatoes went in and at 6:00 I realized I didn't have nearly enough for 2 pregnant women, 3 big guys, myself and the kiddlets. 
Looking back, that is when I lost it. Normally I have back-ups I can make other things to fill in any gaps. My Minnesotan upbringing trained me to be ready for unexpected guests and snowstorms, and I take great pride from being able to whip up something without notice. And yes, I had other things I could have made...but not that I could have eaten that would have followed ALL the rules.
Around 6:15 there were still no guests and I started to get super emotional. The baking pans in the cupboard refused to cooperate which led to the discovery that I have Hulk like strength when left without food. My poor husband was at a loss for what to do with me and the new hole in the cupboard.
At 6:20 he was excused to get the doorbell and the friends took over. I am so lucky for this friend. She helped me off the floor (literally) and listened to me blubber through the options.
By 6:30 I had powered through the shakes and mixed up a mixture of brown and white rice (because only handfuls remained of each kind) and topped it with homemade bruschetta that I almost always have around.

While it didn't follow all the rules or portion sizes, I think I came pretty close for my first social event.
4 oz Smoked Beef Brisket
1/2 cup diced sweet potato baked with garlic and olive oil
1/2 cup Brown/White Rice mix with bruschetta
1 cup Ratatouille
8 oz Odwalla Tropical Fruit Juice
There was also some delicious BLT dip and whole wheat crackers that I probably shouldn't have been snacking on...but peer pressure got the best of me.

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