Monday, February 14, 2011

Hypo Pizza

I love pizza! On this new hypo diet I'm not really allowed to have it though. Ok ok, I am, but it is very restricting with what can be on it, and pizza delivery places don't exactly have that whole grain crust option. Anyway, once I get an idea in my head it is pretty hard to just let it go. Once I get that craving it is equally hard to let it go, and so I gave in and ordered the pizza I wanted so badly.
Some of it was because of my inherited German stubbornness and reluctance to accept this new lifestyle, the rest of it is also stubbornness. But here's what I learned:
1) That Dominoes pizza binge really hit the spot because I had been dreaming about it for weeks.
2) No one should be allowed to eat half a large delivery pizza, no matter how good it is or how long they had it reserved online.
3) I felt like ass after I ate that pizza.
4) I need to find another way to satisfy my pizza craving that won't leave me feeling sick all night.
5) I need it to be delicious and as easy as ordering online.

Enter my dear friend, Lester...
We had a date night, and let me explain because my family had some Facebook confusion:
Lester is a girl. I am not cheating on my husband and dating other people. And even though she has been my "second husband" for years now... I'm not into her like that.
Lester and I devised a plan to meet up at her place to make a pizza, and because I like bragging here it goes:

Here is the recipe for all you lovely people
Hypo Margherita Pizza

1 whole wheat Boboli pre-made pizza crust (Yup, it's a real product!!)
2 large tomatoes, sliced
1 tablespoon of that pre-chopped garlic in a jar
A few glugs of olive oil
Some salt
Fresh mozzarella cut in slices to cover the pizza
Fresh basil leaves (roll about 5-10 together in a ball and slice it thinly)
Grated Parmesan
Preheat the oven to 450. Put olive oil on pizza crust, then mozzarella, then tomatoes, sprinkle with garlic and a little salt. Toss it in the oven and watch some Jersey Shore or other trashy TV for 8-10 minutes. When it comes out toss on the sliced basil and Parmesan. Slice, eat and return to the TV trash.

We rounded out the hypo meal with some fresh green beans sauteed in garlic and some fresh fruit. It really was delicious and super easy.
So here's what I learned:
1) There is no other place in at least a 40 mile radius that I could go to for this delicious well rounded and controlled meal.
2) Leftovers would probably be good, but the two of us polished of the whole thing easily.
3) I felt great all night, despite eating half a pizza.
4) As far as the diet... I spaced out the slices.. one for dinner and the other a little while later as my snack. It still wasn't perfectly on point, but it was really, really close.
5) With the ingredients on hand I can make it faster than a pimply faced pizza delivery person can find my house.
6) It was cheaper than delivery. The most expensive part was the fresh mozzarella, and I have several plans for cooking with the remainder of it in the future.

Mmmmmmm...learning tastes good.

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