Friday, February 18, 2011

Vegetable Mind Games - Butternut Squash

I will trick myself into liking every vegetable... some how...

This week's nemesis is Butternut Squash.
I know it is good for me, but I am not a fan. Because of that, I sought out a recipe to trick my mind into enjoying it and landed on Parmesan Squash Cakes from Eating Well. For those of you that haven't checked out I highly recommend it. You can search by eating restrictions such as diabetic recipes, gluten free, high fiber, low sodium...etc. And while their recipes look amazing, I really love this site because of their exchange lists on the bottom of each recipe. As someone learning new ways to combine my 1 oz of protein, with the 1 veggie serving, and 1 carb in interesting ways it is extremely comforting to know someone has done the calculations for me.

The first change I made to their recipe was using Butternut Squash instead of a summer squash like the recipe suggested (because it is winter). The second was using only half the Parmesan cheese because I didn't realize we were almost out of it.I'm really looking forward to summer because summer squash counts as a veggie. This butternut squash is a starch.
Prep time took a lot long then I planned and I nearly lost a finger in the Squash vs. Grater round-off. If you have a food processor, USE IT. The recipe says it takes only 35 minutes to make, but grating time took at least that long.  Don't try and be a hero and grate it all by hand.

From the beginning my family was not on board with this dinner option, but they agreed to taste it. My husband and daughter both choked down a bite before they gave up and hid like cowards. I powered through because I was starving, it was my only option, and I had to prove that I was braver and tougher than them.
It really wasn't that bad. The leftovers were really good and easy to grab and heat up at work. I put each one in a little  fold top sandwich bag, and heated it for 30 seconds. it was perfect. Really my only complaint is that I am not a huge Butternut Squash fan, but I'm working on it.

I will try this recipe again when it isn't winter, and it isn't rainy, and I have guarded the Parmesan from the refrigerator goblins.  Until then I will continue to steam or saute the chopped butternut squash with cayenne pepper and garlic because that seems to be the only way I can handle it.  If you have a butternut squash recipe that you love please send it my way.

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