Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Denny's for the breakfast win?

Making smart breakfast choices is easy on the weekdays when I take my usual half of a whole wheat English muffin with 1 tbs peanut butter, 8 oz skim milk and piece of fresh fruit.
The weekends are hard though. I was known and loved for my breakfast skillets and homemade waffles. None of those things, including the pumpkin and cinnamon roll waffles have made an appearance in this household since the diagnosis, but someday I will modify them to meet the rules.
Anyway, last Saturday when I overslept and we needed to run errands, my husband suggested we just grab breakfast on the road and I reluctantly agreed. We dropped the car off for service and walked to Denny's. As we took our seat I was ready to break the rules because obviously this place was full of grease and had nothing to offer someone with dieting and sugar issues.
The place mat on the table was meant for me. Beautiful picture of pancakes to get my attention and the words "whole wheat pancakes" to keep it there. HOORAY! I won't totally break the rules (too badly)!
So I settled on the Grand Slam with egg whites, whole wheat pancakes with sugar free syrup, turkey bacon, a chicken patty and orange juice.
Clearly this was more food than I was allowed, but I can justify almost anything. (This meal was ok considering the time we finally got our food, the fact that I counted it as a breakfast and a snack, I planned on doing some exercise later, my jeans felt loose, it was a full moon and I avoided coffee all week so a slight splurge was allowed.)
The chicken patty was left untouched after a nibble and the egg whites were pretty greasy, but those pancakes hit the spot.  They were so good, and I wanted to finish them so badly but there was no room in the Inn. It's funny to say that because not long ago I was the girl that could finish off a large pizza by herself.

Calorie wise, it wasn't toooooo bad. Each whole wheat pancake has the following:
Calories: 155, Total Fat: .75g, Total Carbs: 32g, Protein: 5g I was able to finish about 1 and a quarter of the pancakes (193cal) with more sugar free syrup than I needed (46cal), plus the egg whites (50cal) and the 2 pieces of turkey bacon (70cal) and glass of orange juice (140). It was definitely more calories than I am used to consuming in the morning, but at roughly 500 calories, I could have done MUCH MUCH worse.

Now after reading this if you are as hungry for whole wheat pancakes as I am, take a click over to the American Diabetes Association's recipe and let me know what you think.

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